Best Resorts in Oregon Coast

A widespread beach, the enchanting forests and the captivating shores are some of the distinct elements that make Oregon Coast one of the most preferred tourist destinations and a class apart from the rest. The rich and diverse collection of landscapes render a one of a kind experience that can be cherished till the end of time. If a place is blessed with such a long and beautiful coast there are no second thoughts about the fact that it falls under the radar of people who want to commercialize it. The best way of doing this is by building some resorts. These resorts popping up in the coasts actually contributed a lot to the tourism of this place. The place which was once a destination for one-day excursion has now transformed into a place where the families stay overnight. In this article, we will see in detail the Best Beach resorts on the Oregon coast. 

Salishan Spa and Golf Resort:

Salishan Spa and Golf Resort are located at Lincoln City along the Gleneden Beach. The total land area is about 250 acres of the coastal land. The perfectly designed spaces take the guests a step close to the environment. As the name states it also has a widespread golf course that has 18 holes. The décor of the resort definitely deserves a very special mention because it is not the kind that falls under any kind of formulae. The work that has gone into the detailing of the décor is very evident. They also have a restaurant and a bar that serves delicious food and drinks. There is a wide range of options that you can choose from. There are normal rooms, with balconies and luxurious suites. You can also choose from the different kinds of packages that will suit your requirements. 

Hallmark Resort And Spa :

Hallmark Resort And Spa are situated in Cannon Beach. The first thing that strikes the minds of people if they think about Hallmark Resort And Spa is the breathtaking view of Haystack Rock. Like most other resorts the Hallmark Resort And Spa also provides various options to choose the kind of accommodation that you need. The options that they have are very diverse and they vary from a simple private room the king-size traditional seaside accommodations with a private spa and a pool. There are also some salt water pools that are entirely used for spa purposes. Hallmark Resort And Spa are also pet-friendly and the complete care will be provided to all kinds of pets that you bring. After a tiring this the kind of place that you want to wind up with your loved ones. 

Whale Cove Inn:

Whale Cove Inn is located in Depose Bay. It is considered to be one of the best because of the stunning view that it has. One of the interesting aspects of this resort that deserves a very special mention is that you definitely spot sea lions, whales and some exotic sea birds with your naked eyes. It is said that people actually stay here just have a glimpse of these creatures. Just imagine, you staying in a place that so close to some of the most exotic sea creatures in the world. It’s nothing less than a dream come true moment. Even though this one aspect steals all the attention the stay will also be very comfortable. The luxurious boutiques, world-class restaurants, and the awesome bar, Whale Cove Inn is definitely a wholesome package will exceed expectations in every aspect that you might think of. 

Adobe Resort:

The word Adobe is very famous but this is one of the very few instances that is referred to as a resort. But the similarity is that anything that has Adobe as the prefix is bound to awesome. Adobe resort is in Yachats. The amazing view of the sand smelt state recreation area is one of the attractive features of the resort. Sound of the constantly crashing waves and the awesome view of the pristine seashore is nothing less than a treat to the eyes. This resort, in particular, is known for the amazing events that are organized. If you are lucky enough you will be able to participate in some of the best parties in the locality. The private rooms with private pools and full-fledged services will definitely render you a heavenly experience that you will remember forever. The one thing that deserves a very special mention is the amazing seafood that is served in this resort. 

Surfsand Resort:

Surfsand Resort is located in Cannon Beach. It is not just an amazing view and easy access to the beach that makes this one of the most famous and preferred resorts, it is also because of the unparalleled services that are being rendered in this resort. The resort is both family and pet-friendly. The resort offers two types of accommodations which include two-bedroom studio rooms and patio suites. You can choose according to your requirements. Irrespective of your choice of accommodation the best services will be provided to you. The Wayfarer Restaurant next door is without a doubt one of the best restaurants to gran some amazing bites. Even the simple things like cookies will be really amazing in that restaurant. 

Inn At Spanish Head:

Inn At Spanish Head is located in Lincoln City. It is one of the biggest resorts in the locality with 120 rooms. The sea-facing studio rooms is the specialty of the resort. It is the kind of resort that can cater to all kinds of audiences. Be a young crowd, a family or business travelers, it would be really great to stay here because it will definitely render a great experience.